From the seed to the bottle

The passage of time. The years of sun, wind and rain it takes for a maguey seed to be cultivated to become Mezcal.

Here we love and respect each part of the process

The earth (nature), the plant (life), the peasant's hand (human), the master (knowledge), the product (experience).


The agaves we use are cultivated and harvested once they reach their point of maturation; this is between 9 and 15 years in land free of agrochemicals.

Renewing traditions

As part of our commitment to the new environmental reality, we transformed the production houses by improving the energy efficiency and the human effort applying new techniques and technology in parts of the process without altering the essence of the recipe.

The elaboration of our Mezcal recovered traditional techniques like the use of earthen ovens for cooking the agave hearts, the stone mill turned by horses to obtain the agave honey, the fermentation in natural wooden barrels, the distillation in cooper stills and finally the careful packing of origin by the Oaxaca hands.

At Mezcales Milagrito we believe that we are what we drink.

We know that mantaining a tradition by bottling a treasure of the past is a commitment that requires honesty, dedication and love. By sharing it, our mission is complete. By drinking it, you make the experience your own.