La Clandestina

Hidden among the streets of the largest city on planet Earth, it hosts a variety of 25 mezcales, who share the extreme care that each master mezcalillero does in producing it. It has become a reference for anyone who wants to experience Mexico, nightlife, friends and a great Mezcal. A place that contains the magic that produces this drink among those who enjoy diversity.


La Lavandería

Not every night is taco night! There are also Tlayudas, which are comparable to tacos but in Oaxaca. A neighboring restaurant of La Clandestina which complements the experience of drinking a traditional mezcal to go along with what is enjoyed at the own producer's home. Nothing equals the joy of sharing with a full belly and a happy heart.


El Palenquito

In Oaxaca, a Palenque is the place where the mezcal is produced. El Palenquito is a small extension of Mezcales Milagrito in Mexico City. Its mission is to promote and defend the properties of the mezcal. Built with elements from our former palenque, its spirit transports us to another dimension where you can touch the source, where the body relaxes and the soul feels at home while enjoying the mezcales.

logoTRASPATIO_Mesa de trabajo 1.png


 charming green little hideout located where the corner of two of the most prestigious streets of la Roma meet; inspired by the happiness of nature and good eating. 

Either in its alfresco tropical space or in ints library under a roof, Traspatio is a welcoming place to relax with anyone, joined by a great mezcal and grill.